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NeuroDynamic™ Breathwork

What is NeuroDynamic™ Breathwork?

This type of breathwork differs from Hypnotic breathwork ONLY in the fact that these sessions are self-directed, meaning once you have started the circular breathing, I will NOT be guiding you. I am, of course, completely present with and for you, and available should you ask for anything. In Hypnotic Breathing, I AM guiding you.

Both types of breathwork involve faster and deeper circular breathing with no pauses between the inhales and exhales. This cause you to very naturally go into what we call an expanded state. This is an amazing place to get any answers you seek from your higher consciousness or inner wisdom as well as clear away any blockages, gain understanding and insight, and/or to simply have a release (emotional or physical or both).

The two underlying principles of NeuroDynamic™ Breathwork are:

1. Trust - Trust that your inner guiding intelligence knows what is best for you; that you have everything you need within you. Think of it as if you were to get a paper cut, you do not need to consciously send white blood cells there to prevent infection, nor clotting agents to stop the bleeding, nor cells to mend the skin back together again, right? And thank goodness! Well, we believe the psyche has those same abilities and this method can help you tap into that inner guiding intelligence or inner healer!

2. Surrender - For these sessions, it is fine to go in with an intention, yet it's very important to be open to the fact that whatever needs to happen will happen and that is just fine (unlike when we use Hypnotic Breathwork to bridge you to a Regression for example).

What are these sessions like?

  • Again, these session are self-guided.

  • The entire session is done with an eye mask on (helps you drop in). You may also want tissues, chapstick, and a bottle of water as well as pillows and blankets.

  • Music is generally 60 min (occasionally we do 90 min sets).

  • The music is played quite loud and meant to be evocative.

  • We ask that you commit to staying the entire time. The music slows near the end to assist with integration.

  • Many different sensations are often reported and include becoming very hot or cold (or both). There can also be tingling, numbness, pain, or tetany (which is TEMPORARY and HARMLESS). Sometimes there will be strong emotions, and sometimes strong physical sensations. Other times you might drop into a very deep restful state often called yoga nidra, that feels much like sleep (and the brain waves are actually in delta sleep), but the mind is subconsciously processing here.

  • About 1/2 of folks drop in easily and automatically. Another 1/3 do so once they feel safe and can let go a bit (we highly encourage doing 3 sessions to get a good idea of how different each one can be)! The final 1/3 tend to really have to work at it, but it is so rewarding when they get there!

  • No matter what your experience in the session, you are alkalizing the blood by breathing a way that deoxygenates the brain temporarily. This alone is healing and moves a lot of energy. Something is ALWAYS happening in breathwork. Often what is happening in your life will show up in the session. It is important to know that what we resist persists, and should any unpleasant emotions or sensations come up, it is because they are already there, but repressed (or suppressed). The way to move them and release them is to intensify them during your session until they are released. We can assist you with this.

  • You may have a physical release where the body shakes or cramps until it lets go. You may have an emotional catharsis. You may move into Yoga Nidra. You may have a Past Life Experience (whether you believe in them or not...they can be metaphorical or real). You may re-experince a part of the birthing process. You may go to a childhood experience or some other past experience. You might also have a unique Transpersonal or Divine Experience where you feel one with everything or some other Spiritual Experience. You might have a very visual and psychedelic type experience. I have personally experienced all of these.

  • Breathwork is often likened to plant medicine such as Ayahuasca, however, unlike in plant medicine ceremonies, you are not stuck until the substance leaves your system; you are in control of when you come out.

  • It is important to note that there are some contraindications (otherwise it is completely safe). These include pregnancy, aneurysms, stroke/TIA, uncontrolled high blood pressure, glaucoma, detached retina, epilepsy/seizures, cardiovascular disease, if you are taking blood thinners, recent surgery, brain injury, a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder or Schizophrenia, or if you have been strongly impacted by an emotional crisis in the past 10 years. Additionally, we do not do this work with anyone under the age of 18. If you have been diagnosed with PTSD, we will need a medical referral and to know that you have a strong support system because, while it has been shown to help, it can bring a lot of things up and we want yo to be safe and supported. 

  • EVERYONE must sign the liability nad medical forms, please.

  • These sessions can be done online or in person as well as in groups (online nad in person).

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