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Book Your Hypnosis/Yoga/Reiki Sessions  by CLICKING HERE.
*NB: Payment is required to book session. Payment is non refundable and we have a 24 hour cancellation/reschedule policy. If you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment, you can reschedule your appointment with at least 24 hours notice or switch to a zoom session if needed. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will result in a fee for the entire session because when you are not able to come to your appointment, it prevents another client who needs help from being seen.

**NB: If you are coming in for a medical or psychological diagnosis, FL law requires a medical referral. I am not a licensed doctor or therapist. Hypnosis is not meant to replace medical care or be used in times of crisis. I can, however, help you get a medical referral in most cases. Please call BEFORE booking if this pertains to you.

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