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3-2-1-SLEEP NOW!

I say this phrase in teaching and practicing Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy quite often and if only it were the words themselves that were the magic elixir for sleeplessness. I wonder if you are aware that there is a lot more to it than that. You know, when you see a stage Hypnotist utilize this phrase (usually kind of yelling it), and folks go out or "under" (we say into hypnosis here because you are never really "under" someone else's control in hypnosis), what's really happening is the mind is being "shocked' into a primitive herd mentality state. Because it is in a strange, new situation it begins scanning/searching for any threats (Negativity Bias). It's first priority is to keep you safe and alive. When the Hypnotist yells "SLEEP NOW" everyone on the stage is in the same way searching for the safest thing to do, seeing what everyone else is doing, seeing if there is a threat, and because they are all new to the situation, the Hypnotist becomes the "alpha" leader here. Then when the participants are commanded to "sleep" (or do a variety of other fun things) the majority of folks will comply as they have been "shocked" into following the leader. Truly fascinating stuff. I do enjoy studying the neurobiology and psychology of it! Now, this does not mean that Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy, Yoga Therapy, and Unwind the Mind HypnoYogaTherapies® are not quite useful for handling sleeplessness and sleep disturbances. It just means that there is some exploration and practice involved.

I, myself was a raging insomniac for several decades. At one point I was prescribed such a plethora of medications to assist me to get even a few precious ZZZs that one pharmacist said that the regimen I was on should have been enough to tranquilize a large horse for several days, yet there I was standing before her and seemingly functioning. There was one European college trip in particular where I believe I was awake for more than 7 days straight! Of course, that was a bit deliberate with too many sites to see with my besties during the day, and too much "discoteching" at night Parisian style. The proverbial FOMO before the term was ever coined combined with youthful excitement, and primed by French champagne. Ah, memories.

Now, I can see from that experience as well as my own private tour of McKamey Manor Haunted House a few years ago (which involves a lot of sleep deprivation as well as physical exhaustion) that even the brightest, healthiest, most balanced of us can quickly become emotional, distracted, and in general uncoordinated/discombobulated after even a few days of not getting enough sleep. You know, we actually need to get down into those Delta brain waves (deep sleep, yoga nidra) for our immune systems to work properly and to heal (neuroregeneration occurs here) and to reset.

So, our August 2021 Group Hypnosis MeetUp, Sleep Like a Baby, is going to help you understand and learn some techniques to get you into the sheets and enjoying that restful peace and fresh outlook on life that only a good night's sleep seems able to provide. We will learn some mind hacks to tire the eyes, which assists the brain to shift into that sleepy space if you are one whose mind starts racing the instant your head hits the pillow. We'll also learn some simple autogenics to release tension from the body as well as discuss the Ayurvedic technique of Abhyanga (self oil massage), learn some simple calming breath techniques (pranayama), and a few other Yoga/Yoga Therapy tools to help get the mind/body aligned and ready for a restful night or to return easily to sleep if you awaken in the middle of the night. We will discuss the use of recordings that can be listened to while falling asleep including both Hypnosis & Yoga Nidra and of course, go over some sleep hygiene practices as well.

I know these techniques have transformed not only my sleep issues, but also my emotional state as a result. So if you are ready to to make the transformation from Gremlin eating after midnight to Sleeping Beauty, this one's for YOU!

I have seen these techniques assist clients with all sorts of sleep disturbances including insomnia, parasomnia, narcolepsy, pain/restless legs, nightmares/night terrors, non 24 hour sleep, circadian rhythm, sleep apnea, and more.*

*NB: FL law requires a medical referral for any medical/psychological diagnoses with regards to Hypnotherapy/Yoga Therapy. We are happy to work with these and have forms to assist you, however, our MeetUps are NOT meant to be therapeutic sessions/treatments. They are fun and educational for the general public.

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