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I wonder if you already know that what you focus upon is very powerful and it is what you will draw more of into your life. And there is a lot more at play here than just the Law of Attraction. There is also neuroscience involved in that we need to create new neuropathways if we want something different from what we currently have.

You know, there was a time in my life when I was in a lot of physical and emotional pain and I wanted nothing more than to NOT feel that pain. I had been in a rather rough auto accident, rear ended by a drunk driver who was going quite fast. This left me carless and needing a few surgeries if I wanted to get back to my very physically active life. I was young and trying to finish a second degree, so my finances were already rather perilous even before the accident, and I then became agoraphobic. I could barely leave my home and doing so even for a short time would give me anxiety attacks and then leave me absolutely exhausted. All I could focus on was my pain and anxiety, and that certainly was not working for me nor did I want more of it, and yet I'd sit at home and constantly check in with how much discomfort I was feeling rather than focusing on all of the things I had to be grateful for or all of the amazing things that were still out there waiting for me. This was when a therapist suggested I give Hypnosis a try, and what a life-changing event that was for me!

You see, clients often call or even come in for a Hypnotherapy session and when I ask them what they want, they often list all of the things they are experiencing that they do NOT want, which only strengthens those neuropathways. So, I kindly empathize with them that indeed the things they are mentioning do not sound like much fun and then I again ask them what they want instead. Some folks are honestly so taken aback by this, saying they never thought about it or even that no one has ever asked them anything like this. Now, it really is OK to not know, and if this is the case, then perhaps it's time to really spend some time pondering this; dream about it, journal about it, or meditate about it. Whatever works for you. You don't need to come up with all the answers or even know the exact details, but you do want to know what the life you want would FEEL like. If you can step into what you want to feel like, then you have a superb internal measurement for trying on different life choices and figuring out how to live the life of your dreams. I know I am so grateful to the amazing folks who taught me this!

So, our September 2021 Group Hypnosis is Laser Focus to help you get the clarity you are longing for.

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