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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Reflecting on and living by your personal core values is a powerful and useful way to live. Benefits include: higher overall happiness levels, personal growth and development, knowing/finding your purpose, reacting appropriately in difficult situations, making decisions you are less likely to regret later, choosing the right career/partner/friends/community for you, developing a healthy sense of self, and increasing your overall self-confidence.

In meditation, while preparing for my monthly group hypnosis meetup on personal core values, I was at first appalled and even embarrassed by what came up as my top core value this year: FUN.

Yes, our core values are not something we choose, per se, but are more like innate guideposts, though it is possible to consciously shift them if you find they are no longer in alignment with whom you are or want to be. And it is true that my top 5 core values have largely remained the same over the past decade or so: Compassion, Honesty, Integrity, Love, and Fun. You know, research states that we can only truly live in accordance to 5 to 8 core values, so I am happy that they are consistent. What I wasn't expecting was for "FUN" to take over as the top-billed performer in my life!

At first, I felt a bit shallow-minded here, I must admit. My other core values are so seemingly text book "good" or other-oriented, and then I realized that I shouldn't really be so shocked or put off by this, especially after a year of pandemic lockdown/isolation and hard work.

In further processing my self-analysis, I also came to realize that "FUN", which is really just a word, had some associations for me from the past. "FUN" in my 20s might have involved some recklessness, irresponsibility, or just general youthful wildness. However, "FUN" at age 48 has a lot more to do with being in a state of creative flow for me. It might be taking a dance class, roller skating, doing yoga, creating classes/programs, writing, listening to music, or enjoying a kayak trip in nature. It's a lot more about having an open focus and often moving my body to really feel that connection of body, mind, and spirit.

Much of the past year was spent very much in the intellectual realm of figuring out how to run a business online, how to speak/present via zoom, how to help clients safely in person or via zoom. In addition, I spent much of my time in the physical realm re-habilitating my now 1 year old hip replacement. This left me feeling compartmentalized and even a bit restricted, though still incredibly grateful.

Now, emerging from the pandemic, the year of very focused work, and with my hip now well-healed, "FUN" is not only something I long for, but also something I deserve to embrace. What's more is the "FUN" I speak of at 48 is a true flow state that is contagious and beautiful to others. When I am in that "FUN" flow state, people notice and they want to be around me...want to have it too. Someone once told me that when I smile, the whole world really does smile and it is true. I remember attending one yoga workshop in particular where I was so enamored with with what I was learning/how I was feeling/what we were doing that a few other participants commented on being able to feel my energy/passion and how amazing it was.

So, if a Girl Just Wants to Have Fun, why shouldn't she? Embrace your core values!

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