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As we begin the year 2023, I can't help but nostalgically think back to school age days with a grin. The days when teachers and other well-meaning adults would tell us (especially creative, Pisces me) to "stop daydreaming" or to "come down to reality". They, of course, had our best interests in mind, yet 40 odd years later I am an even bigger fan of daydreaming and envisioning great things to come! Now, this certainly doesn't mean I don't believe in taking action; that I do, and I also believe in manifesting and creating my own reality. As Zig Ziglar said: "If you can dream it, you can achieve it."

So as the New Year dawned, I went in without a single resolution; I don't really believe much in them. Research shows that about 80% of New Year's Resolutions are abandoned before February 1st rolls around! Now, intentions are something I do put a lot of stock into because, unlike resolutions, intentions aren't meant to be a quick fix to a problem nor are they about following the status quo. They are based on our desires, needs, and values, and when put into action, they are much more likely to come to fruition than resolutions.

Looking back on an intention checklist I made about 5 years ago, more than I ever could have hoped has already been checked off that list, a few more things are coming to pass right now, and there are even one or two that no longer resonate with me (yes, you can change your mind!). So, I am in the process of dreaming up a new 5 Year Intention List for myself. Yes, I know it is already January, and guess what? The starting date is of little or no consequence; what really matters is that you do start!

I have been collecting images and quotes as well to put on my annual vision board to help inspire and motivate me when things do get a bit challenging. And, while I'm not ready to share my next Intention/Manifest List just yet, I will share one of my favorite hypnotic techniques that I utilize: Go to sleep dreaming about what you do want to achieve and manifest in the future! The subconscious mind NEVER sleeps and it will work on whatever the last thing you consciously put into it is IF you direct it to do so; so make it the stuff dreams are made of!

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